What We Do

At Aurelia Autism Services, we are leaders in creating an accepting and inclusive society for autistic individuals and those with related neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our mission is to educate and empower the community through expert training, comprehensive support, and specialized guidance for parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals. We excel in early intervention and online training programs, ensuring high standards and evidence-based practices. By leveraging our extensive expertise, we strive to enhance services and opportunities, enabling autistic individuals to fulfill their potential and thrive in their communities.

Our Services

Online training

Our training programs equip parents, educators, and professionals with the knowledge and skills to support autistic individuals effectively. Through practical, informative sessions, we help you understand autism from a hands-on perspective, integrating it with your own experiences.

Early Intervention Therapy

Our innovative, evidence-based RISE Approach focuses on building relationships, engaging interests, leveraging strengths, and maintaining emotional balance. This holistic method is designed to address challenges while empowering young autistic individuals, promoting their autonomy and development.

Home support

We create individualized home support programs to help autistic children thrive. Families and professionals collaborate to use the natural environment and daily activities, creating a supportive setting and equipping individuals with essential skills for the future.

School support

Our school support programs offer training for teachers and staff in autism knowledge, fostering inclusive learning environments, and providing classroom resources. Schools can also request services like school observations and consultations.

Counselling and Neurodiversity Coaching

We offer expert guidance and support to individuals and families navigating neurodiversity. Our tailored counselling services address personal challenges and foster growth, ensuring each individual receives the personalized support they need.

Resources and visuals

We offer various resources and visual aids to our community including tools designed to enhance learning and communication.

Aurelia connect

As professionals, autistic individuals and families alike, we understand that it is difficult to navigate the system and that guidance is needed to support them. Here, you can access insightful articles, share experiences, and connect with others who are passionate about neurodiversity.

Become an Autism Practitioner

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of autistic individuals? Gain essential skills and knowledge through expert-led online training, empowering you to effectively support neurodiverse individuals and create meaningful change.


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