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We offer neurodiversity coaching and counselling services to everyone in the community, with a special focus on understanding the unique challenges faced by families of autistic individuals. Our experienced team provides empathetic support and practical strategies to help you navigate these difficulties. Whether you need guidance in managing daily struggles or emotional support, we are here to help you thrive.

For personalized support, one of our counselors below to schedule a session and start your journey towards empowerment and understanding.

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Kristin Bartlett

General CounsellorASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor

Hello and warm greetings! I’m Kristin, a devoted and compassionate counsellor and the co-founder of Aurelia Autism Services, a platform born out of my extensive journey through various continents, working closely with diverse individuals within the spectrum of autism.

My mission is to create a sanctuary—a safe, non-judgmental space where individuals can tap into their strengths and cultivate their well-being. Specializing in neurodiversity, my approach is person-centered and rooted in a systems perspective, incorporating a harmonious blend of evidence-based methodologies to offer tailored and impactful support.
I am here to walk with you on your journey, helping you grow and navigate through the intricacies of life. Whether it’s counselling or neurodiversity coaching, I am eager to meet you where you are and explore the paths that lead to your fullest potential. Let’s embark on a journey filled with discovery, growth, and meaningful connections.

Speaks: English, Afrikaans

Online sessions

Speaks: English, French

Online sessions

Camille Daligand

General CounsellorASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor

I aim to create a safe and non-judgemental space that focuses on an individual’s strengths in order to help them grow and promote their own wellbeing. I want to make counselling accessible and affordable to all. I am a passionate and caring counsellor who uses a person-centred, systems approach to counselling and a non-invasive strength-based approach to neurodiversity coaching. My counselling style uses various combinations of evidence-based approaches in order to provide effective and individualised support. I offer individual and couple counselling as well as neurodiversity coaching.
My areas of speciality are coping skills, trauma, autism, body image, family conflict, grief and loss Identity/role exploration, human development and life coaching, life transitions/adjustments, multicultural issues, neurodiversity understanding and coaching, relationship challenges, self-esteem, work and life stress and work-life balance.
In life, we face challenges every day and sometimes we need support. If you are feeling overwhelmed, need someone to talk to or looking for guidance, I can provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to express yourself, feel heard and supported. I want to make counselling accessible to all and provide lowered rates to accommodate you

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